• Report: Slain Orlando police officer fought back against killer, shot by gun found in hideout

    By: Field Sutton , James Tutten


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Experts from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said the guns accused cop-killer Markeith Loyd got caught with after his run from the law are the same ones that killed Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton.

    This come from a ballistics report in that case that will allow Loyd's jury to see the bullets side by side.

    The evidence that will be showed by prosecutors is set show alleged similarities in the marks left on those bullets.



    Crime scene analysts collected several dozen bullets from that Walmart parking lot where Clayton was gunned down more than two years ago.

    A month after she died, lab workers at FDLE were busy using ballistics to show who killed Clayton.

    They started with bullets pulled from her body during the autopsy that prosecutors said are matched to a gun in evidence. That same gun also allegedly matches bullets strewn all over the Walmart parking lot.

    Police said it's the same gun Loyd tossed out the front door the night he surrendered at a house in Carver Shores.

    Loyd claims he was the victim of police brutality that night, which is now one of dozens of roadblocks holding back the accused cop-killer's long-awaited trial.

    This week, Loyd's lawyer had his latest secret hearing, seeking taxpayer money for the defense effort.

    "I'm going to clear the courtroom and hear this motion,” said chief judge Frederick Lauten. “It's the only thing we're going to hear today."

    The complexities of the case left Lauten's hands tied at the risk of an error made now that could overturning a potential guilty verdict later.

    Aside from the trial, the FDLE report shines new light on what happened that day in the Walmart parking lot.

    According to the report, Clayton got off at least eight shots that were matched to her gun the same way Loyd's were allegedly matched to his.

    The same shots that left holes in what police said was Loyd's shirt that day as Clayton fired with no way of knowing he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

    Loyd’s trial is scheduled for May after a string of delays, but there's no guarantee it will start on time.

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