• Kissimmee gunman's bullets narrowly miss sleeping children


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Police officers are searching for a gunman who shot up nearly a half-dozen condos in Kissimmee.

    The shooting happened early Tuesday morning at the Donegan Townhomes on John Young Parkway.

    Several frightened residents talked to Channel 9's Kenneth Craig, including one who said a bullet nearly went through a child's bedroom.

    The bullets went through the walls of at least five different condos, authorities said. Kissimmee crime scene technicians spent Monday inspecting each bullet hole.

    "When I look at that, I think that could have been me, could have gone through our window, could have hit our kids," said resident Merecedes Fernandez.

    Witnesses said they heard what sounded like rocks hitting their homes overnight, not realizing they were bullets until the morning.

    "It's really sad when I have to look at my son and know that his life could have been taken or I wouldn't have been able to be a mother for him," said resident Leann Clifford.

    One of the shots narrowly missed the bedroom where Clifford's little boy was sleeping.

    The shooting is the latest in a string of similar crimes in the area.

    On Friday, Osceola County deputies said someone shot up an unoccupied Kissimmee police car.

    Two days later, police also rushed to a drive-by shooting in Buenaventura Lakes.

    No suspects have been identified in any of the shootings.

    Since then, WFTV found out two other streets were also hit.

    Parents said bullets nearly hit their sleeping children and bullet holes are still all over the neighborhood.

    A bullet missed the head of a sleeping 3-year-old girl by about 2 feet.

    "I came over here, I seen this. Bullet came right through that hole, came through this closet, went through my daughter's clothing," said the girl's father, who didn't want to be identified.

    The bullet blew through her closet, another wall, and eventually landed in a linen closet.

    WFTV was there as crime scene technicians processed one home after another.

    Clifford said the shots "felt like a vibration" of her body and made her jump.

    "There was a really loud one, then a car. Sounded like a truck, came and just left, sped through," said witness Tiffany Velez.

    Police haven't been able to link the two shootings and said they have no idea who is behind the shootings that has just about everyone on edge.

    "Why our window? Why put our lives in jeopardy?" said Clifford.

    Amazingly, no one was hurt, officials said.

    Police said they still have a lot of work to do to figure out who perpetrated the shootings.

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