• Harassed Volusia Co. family moving out of subdivision


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Volusia County family said they have been harassed so badly, they’re moving out of a high-end subdivision in Ormond Beach.

    Innocent Ngwa said he found rotten hamburger meat on the front doorstep, mulch dumped in the pool and a note that said “This neighborhood is not for your type. I just got a black dog today just for you guys. So you better think.”

    Police said this is not a hate crime.

    ‘They should work hard on this to see that justice is being served because nobody deserves to be treated like this,” Ngwa said.

    Police said they have not made a significant break in their case, and don’t know who is behind the pranks or the note.

    WFTV asked neighbors if they have any idea who is doing this. They said they don’t know, either.

    “Well, one, I’d like to find out who did it. If it’s somebody who lives in this neighborhood, I’d like to see them out of this neighborhood. They don’t belong here,” Chris Malstead, a neighbor, said.

    WFTV’s legal analyst Bill Schaeffer said although the note doesn’t contain an actual racial slur, it doesn’t need one to be considered a hate crime.

    But the note and pranks are not enough, Schaeffer said.

    “Although this act is morally reprehensible, they lack a final chain of evidence to establish that this was a hate crime,” he said.

    Schaeffer said evidence cannot be open to interpretation when trying to prove a case beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.

    Police are questioning neighbors, but only to gather information. There are still no suspects.

    Police said if this was a hate crime, it would carry harsher penalties.

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    Harassed Volusia Co. family moving out of subdivision