• Hard Rock Hotel could come to Daytona Beach


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Some Volusia County residents are on the fence about plans to build a Hard Rock Hotel and Resort on Daytona Beach.

    The development is planned along Atlantic Avenue south of Lenox Avenue.

    Investors hope to start building a proposed Hard Rock Hotel and Resort by the end of the year. But residents who live right across the street from it are still waiting to see what exactly will happen to their beach access on Lenox Avenue connected to the project.

    "We're giving up a beach access, but we're getting something a little bit wider with more parking and availability to it, so it is a win for the citizens of Volusia County," said Volusia County Chairman Jason Davis.

    Other Daytona Beach residents who spoke off-camera said they're not happy about the proposed smaller beach access and large building that will eventually tower over Atlantic. But county leaders say the economic impact for the area will be tremendous.

    "When people pay bed tax, that helps run our Ocean Center and bring in more conventions, but also for our leisure there will be more money coming in," said Volusia County Councilman Josh Wagner.

    An attorney for Hard Rock told Eyewitness News that property values in the area are already increasing and the new beach access will be landscaped and still open to pedestrians.

    Davis said it will be better than what's there now.

    "It's closed to cars, but it's open to the people. It's in disrepair, it's kind of broken up and it doesn't really show a great light on Volusia County or Daytona Beach," Davis said.

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    Hard Rock Hotel could come to Daytona Beach