• Heated words exchanged during Brevard County commissioners meeting


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Things got heated at the Brevard County Commission meeting Thursday night when one commissioner wanted to talk about how money was being spent.

    Commissioner Trudie Infantini wanted to discuss the last item on the agenda, but it seemed she was the only one.

    The item was to approve money for expanding a walking path near the Brevard Zoo. That money was coming out of a fund set aside for parks years ago, but Infantini wanted to discuss the possibility of using some of the money for playground covers to shade park equipment that gets fiery hot in the Florida summers.

    "I'd like to discuss this item," said Infantini.

    "But we've got to stay on topic," said Commissioner Mary Bolin Lewis.

    "I am staying on topic," said Infantini.

    "You're talking about some children's thing," said Lewis.

    "Right now, I have the floor," said Infantini.

    But as Infantini was talking, Chairman Andy Anderson and the rest of the commissioners voted to approve the money for the walking path.

    "Alright, I have a motion by Bolin-Lewis. Do I have a second?" asked Anderson.

    "Second," responded commissioner Robin Fisher.

    "Seconded by Commissioner Fisher. All in favor say, 'Aye,'" said Anderson.

    All but Infantini responded, "Aye."

    Anderson then ended the meeting, prompting another heated exchange.

    "Chairman. Point of order," said Infantini.

    "Meeting adjourned," said Anderson.

    "Chairman, you actually have no way to do that. Oh, I am so filing an ethics charge on you," said Infantini.

    "There's no charges for that," said Anderson.

    "Yes, there is. You are not allowed to do that, chairman," said Infantini.

    "OK, well you file charges," said Anderson.

    "I will," responded Infantini.

    Infantini talked with Channel 9 after the meeting.

    "I wanted to see if they wanted to rethink their priority list, and that was not going to be heard," she said.

    Anderson told Channel 9 he felt it was off topic and that Infantini should have put that issue on the agenda so the public could know what it was.

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