Heavy rain floods Orange County roads; several vehicles stalled in rising water

VIDEO: Heavy rain floods Orange County roads; several vehicles stalled in rising water

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Orange County firefighters said they received calls for nine vehicles that stalled on flooded roadways in the area of South Orange Blossom Trail.

WFTV found several cars in the area that were stuck in the rising water. The county also called a truck out to pump out the water and clear trash that was clogging storm drains.

As the heavens continued to send rain down, some men used a chain and a truck to pull an SUV with a woman and children inside out of flooded Chancery Lane.

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Rene Cardona said he got out tow chains after noticing the stranded woman.

"Why? Because I want to help them," Cardona said.

He was also there to help other people exit their vehicles.

“Guy in the Mercedes, handicapped, we had to carry him out,” Cardona said.

Mario Acevedo took video of a group of kids trying to help another woman.

“I recorded it so people could see there's kids out there helping out other people,” Acevedo said.

His family was on their way to the movies when the water started to rise.

Most likely, the water shorted out the vehicles' electrical systems.

Lamonte Brown has lived nearby for 10 years and said: “I've never seen it like this. This is crazy."

His house is on the other side of Chancery Lane, but he says he wouldn't take a car, let alone his motorcycle, through this.

Firefighters say if you see a road flooding, "Turn around, don't drown,” because it's hard to tell how deep the water is during the day and impossible at night.