• Homeowners take foreclosure bill fight to capital


    CENTRAL FLORIDA, Fla.,None - Dozens of Central Florida homeowners boarded a bus to Tallahassee overnight to fight a state bill they say would make it even easier for banks to foreclose on homes.

    WFTV spoke with those homeowners right before they left.

    They said they're intent on taking their personal stories from Central Florida to the capital.

    The goal is to stop House Bill 213 from passing, a bill that is expected to make it easier and faster for banks to take possession of struggling families' homes.

    "I'm a single mom, and I've been working my butt off to keep the house that I have," said activist Susan Depauw.

    The activists say they're fighting banks that use deceptive tactics in bulk foreclosures like the controversial practice called robo-signing of documents.

    "When you contrast the intent of lies and deceit and join that with these documents that are signed by people with absolutely no knowledge of what they're signing, it just shows very bad intent," said Tony Webster.

    The activists say they'll get started Thursday morning, sitting in on committee sessions and talking one on one to legislators to try to convince them to vote this proposal down.

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