• Homeowners upset Osceola Parkway extension will run next to new neighborhood


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Imagine building your dream home only to find out the land next to you is about to be torn up for a major thoroughfare.
    That's the news some residents in a new community at the Osceola-Orange County line are getting. A multimillion-dollar road project will likely be built right next to their neighborhood.
    Residents told Channel 9's Racquel Asa that the new road is a complete and unwelcome surprise.
    When Asa drove around the neighborhood Thursday she found a number of undeveloped home sites for sale.
    Many of those who live in the neighborhood told Asa that they  wish they knew what was also moving into their  neighborhood before they closed.
    Angela Palacio said her home is exactly how she wants it.
    "Everything was our preference, our style, what we wanted," said Palacio.
    Palacio said what she doesn't want is a major roadway right  next door to her brand-new community, which is so new homes are still being built next door.
    The news came in a letter from the Osceola County Expressway Authority.
    The Osceola Parkway extension would be built at the northern part of the community and likely visible from Palacio's home.
    "We weren't hoping to look in the sky and see a big expressway over the top of us," said Palacio.
    The project manager for the Parkway told Asa that right now the plans don't call for buying out any of newly built homes for the estimated $150 million project.
    Asa learned that the roadway will be close enough to homes that 1,800 letters were mailed to residents along the project's path.
    Palacio said she knows plans are still being finalized. She hopes her community can still have an influence.
    "We will take this issue all the way to the end," said Palacio.
    The Expressway Authority said it will get a full look at the study plans at a meeting next month.

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    Homeowners upset Osceola Parkway extension will run next to new neighborhood