• Hoverboard catches fire inside Brevard County home


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A hoverboard is being blamed for a house fire in Port St. John Wednesday.

    Residents of the home said the board was plugged in and charging when it exploded.

    They also said that Wednesday was the first time they plugged the hoverboard in to charge, and 30 minutes later, it was on fire.

    Firefighters were called to the home on Chapman Street, shortly after the hoverboard burst into flames. The three people who were inside the home were able to get out safely.

    Jeff Harshbarger said he saw his neighbors were in need of help.

    "We went inside to see what was going on. The hoverboard was on fire. Neighbor across the street brought the fire extinguisher out (and) we used the fire hose and the extinguisher to put it out," Harsbarger said.

    The Hoverboard was a Christmas gift, and the family said they thought about returning it after hearing about reports of hoverboard fires. 

    But after speaking with the online seller, David Justice's family decided to keep the hoverboard.

    "Things happen and you just have to deal with it. Deal with it how you deal with it," said Justice.

    The damage to the home was minimal, but Brevard County Fire Rescue will be forwarding a report to the State Fire Marshal's Office.

    No one was injured.

    Several incidents involving hoverboard fires have been reported across the country, including Texas, Georgia and Washington.

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