• Human services secretary stops in Orlando for Obamacare damage control


    ORLANDO, Fla. - After the botched rollout of Obamacare, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made a stop in Orlando Tuesday morning in an attempt at damage control.

    WFTV reported earlier this month about cancer patient, Gloria Canter, who received a cancellation notice from her health insurance company due to the Affordable Care Act.

    Reporter Lori Brown asked Sebelius about the issue and she argued that patients forced to get new plans will benefit from them.

    But Canter said she strongly disagrees.

    The carefully organized event was held at Florida Technical College.

    The secretary talked to students sitting down with "in-person assistants" who were helping people to enroll in healthcare plans under the Affordable Care Act.

    President Barack Obama later asked insurance companies to extend policies like Canter's and 16 million Americans for one year.

    WFTV asked Sebelius, "Why only a year?"

    "I can tell you for the first time, people with serious pre-existing conditions will have comprehensive healthcare coverage. That's never happened before," Sebelius replied.

    However, the Canters said they were happy with their old plan.

    They said Florida Blue told them that their new plan will be more expensive.

    The canters said they feel people like them with individual plans are being ignored simply because they don't represent a majority of patients.

    "We are not, Mr. President, faceless human beings," Jay Canter said.

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    Human services secretary stops in Orlando for Obamacare damage control