Hurricane Dorian: Hundreds of boxes filled with supplies sent to Bahamas

Hundreds of boxes were filled with supplies sent to Bahamas to help Hurricane Dorian victims.

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Hundreds of boxes were loaded onto planes in Brevard County by volunteers who were eager to get supplies to the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas.

"People are ready to jump on this. People just want to help out and that's what's critical,” said Fin Bonset of Florida Tech College of Aeronautics.

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It was the critical need that prompted this huge effort between a network of local and state officials, Florida Tech and several nonprofits.

Just one day after the storm, pilots and five planes, including one from World War II, were on standby to go.

As they left Melbourne, Channel 9 went up with them, headed to four different locations on the islands with much needed water, food and medicine.

"I think we all feel like we dodged a bullet, so our goal was to get into the islands as quickly as possible and try to help out as the broader relief efforts spool up,” said Rep. Randy Fine.

Fine said the items have been requested directly from the Bahamian government.

And the impact these volunteer groups in Brevard have been able to make in just a couple of days is nothing short of remarkable.

"I think it says a lot about our community, for anybody who doubts their faith in humanity. I think being part of what we've done these last 48 hours will restore a lot of that," Fine said.

Organizers said they'll keep making trips until the needs are met.