• I-4 construction leads to flooding, health concerns for some Orlando residents

    By: Lauren Seabrook


    ORLANDO, Fla. - While I-4 construction has not only caused headaches for drivers, it has also led to flooding that has caused damages to homes and presented some health concerns for families who live nearby.

    The flooding is so bad near East Orlando Street and Formosa Avenue that the water is beginning to mix with sewage, according to neighbors. 

    Locals who live in the area also claim they cannot flush their toilets. 

    "The excuses keep coming and the flood keeps happening," said Jason Helvenston. "I don't know what else to say."

    Helvenston said the damage is even impacting their food.

    "We fought the city to allow our garden to grow our organic food," said Helvenston. "Now this is toxic, this is all feces. "

    Helvenston told Channel 9 that he was worried about the construction in 2012, before the I-4 Ultimate Project. He has since sent dozens of emails to project leaders about the issue in hopes of finding a resolution.

    Helvenston shared with Channel 9 video he has of workers pulling debris out of a drain with their hands, but said it doesn't make much of a distance. 

    Orlando Street and Formoso Avenue isn't the only area that has come across issues.

    The area near Princeton Street and Fairbanks Avenue has also had problems due to flooding. 

    The state and contractor are trying to figure out what improvements can be made to the drainage and piping.

    Flooding in the past has cost the project thousands of dollars. 

    A Winter Park woman who saw her home flooded from water due to construction received a large payout.

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