International Cat Day: The 'purr-fect' day to celebrate the kitty in your life

"Cheese" the cat.

If you love cats, you will want to read this right "meow!"
Aug. 8 is International Cat Day, and feline lovers around the globe can use the day to celebrate their furry companions, more so than usual.
There is history behind International Cat Day. It was started in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and other animal rights groups.
With their regal poses and stunning, mesmerizing eyes, cats have captivated humans for centuries.   
In ancient Egypt, animals were revered for different reasons, but cats were thought to be the most special. Egyptians believed cats were magical creatures that brought good luck to their humans, per National Geographic.
And, while there is a specific day to celebrate your "purr-fect" furbaby, let’s be honest, cats probably think Cat Day is every day.
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