• Interrogation of suspect connected to Brevard deputy murder thrown out


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A potentially incriminating interrogation between investigators and one of two suspects connected to the murder of a Brevard County deputy was thrown out Monday.

    Prosecutors said Deputy Barbara Pill was shot and killed when she tried to pull over Andria Kerchner and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Brandon Bradley, in 2012.

    Bradley's already facing the death penalty for opening fire on Pill.

    Kerchner's case may be harder to build now that her interview with investigators has been tossed.

    Her attorney, Michael Bross, said he considers the interrogation getting thrown a victory but would still like to see all of her statements tossed.

    Soon after the March 2012 slaying of Pill, Kerchner sat down with investigators. They asked her if she handed her boyfriend Bradley the gun used to murder Pill.

    Kerchner told investigators she was applying eyeliner as Pill approached the couple's vehicle.

    A jury will never hear that videotaped statement or others made inside this interrogation room because as Kerchner sat down, she can also be heard saying,"Go get a lawyer somebody, I'm the wrong one."

    The judge said investigators should have stopped questioning Kerchner and granted her request for counsel.

    "We call it a win because again it suppresses a lot of statements she said while she was still intoxicated on drugs that affected her ability to have a free and voluntary mind in making these statements," Bross said.

    Bross has argued that at the time of her arrest, Kerchner was in a state of mania brought on by ingesting a cocktail of illegal drugs. But a judge found Kerchner's statements were closer to stupefied ramblings.

    "I didn't shoot the deputy, these cops is liars," Kerchner had said.

    The judge has ruled the spontaneous statements Kerchner made after she left the interrogation room and those she made before she arrived are still fair game for prosecutors.

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    Interrogation of suspect connected to Brevard deputy murder thrown out

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