• Investigators digging into well for evidence in DeBary cold case


    DEBARY, Fla. - Volusia County detectives spent Wednesday digging for evidence they hope can help solve a cold homicide case.

    James Aslinger was killed nearly 40 years ago in DeBary.

    For a third time, investigators searched for evidence deep inside a well in the Glenwood area.

    Detectives said among decades-old trash, they did find pieces of the evidence they're looking for, but so far it's not enough to solve their cold case.

    Firefighters hit 34 feet during their dig down the well. Volusia County detectives supervised their work along with Brenda Aslinger, the victim's daughter.

    "I was 10, and it's just -- you remember how horrific it is to one day have your father here and one day he's gone," Brenda Aslinger said.

    To bring closure to Aslinger's family, detectives checked the lead in DeLand for a third time.

    The well is where a tipster told them a person of interest may have thrown away evidence. Investigators won't say exactly what they're looking for.

    "Hopefully they're going to find something here that's going to give them some evidence or a path to something that will help us solve this," Aslinger said.

    "They still want whoever did this caught and they want them brought to court," retired detective Ralph Henshaw said.

    Firefighters dug for hours Wednesday in 90-degree weather. Their only relief came from a fan pumping air into the well to keep them cool.

    At one point, they hauled up a chunk of concrete – a large find, but not the evidence. They did find small pieces that were hardly noticeable but told detectives they were digging in the right place.

    "There've been murders solved that's older than this one, so there's always a hope," Brenda Aslinger said.

    Those pieces of evidence detectives found will be analyzed.

    They said they are almost to the bottom of the well, so they will be back.

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    Investigators digging into well for evidence in DeBary cold case

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