• Investigators: Kissimmee couple ripped off elderly


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A Kissimmee attorney who was disbarred for ripping off an elderly couple is now facing federal charges for a similar scheme Tuesday night.

    Channel 9's Jeff Deal spoke with the woman who tipped off authorities about Linda Littlefield, and asked if there are tougher charges for people who prey on the elderly and take their life's savings.

    Linda and Ross Littlefield were first arrested in 2010. Linda Littlefield was a Kissimmee attorney, and her husband Ross helped her run businesses that appeared to help the elderly.

    Victim Janet Lentz said they took everything.

    "I feel used, raped," Lentz said.

    Investigators said the Littlefields ran up Lentz' credit cards, stealing $53,000.

    They were both convicted. Linda is still serving part of a two-year sentence. Ross was sentenced to probation.

    Federal investigators said there are now 26 victims -- people who put money in a special trust.

    They said the Littlefields took nearly $3 million from the trust and spent it on cars, their businesses and property.

    Kathleen Foust was Lentz' guardian, and was the first to report the Littlefields.

    "Linda and Ross were criminals, they just legitimized themselves and looked like they were wonderful people," Foust said.

    Since then she's heard horror stories about how the Littlefields targeted the elderly.

    She said one woman spent her life savings setting up a trust for two developmentally-disabled daughters and lost everything.

    "She said, 'Now I don't know who is going to take care of my daughters when I'm gone,'" Foust said.

    No one answered at Ross Littlefield's home.

    Foust said she hopes this time they'll both go to prison.

    "No morals... no character," Foust said.

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