• Cops: Armed robbers ambush man, steal prescription drugs


    CASSELBERRY, Fla.,None - Four people are facing charges, accused of following, robbing, and then shooting a man just to get his painkillers.

    Investigators said it all started after Sahak Merzoian got a prescription filled at a Walgreen’s in Oviedo.

    Four suspects allegedly followed him for 11 miles, and he was ambushed when he stopped at a grocery store parking lot.      

    Merzoian told WFTV the ordeal started inside the pharmacy where he picked up pain pills for his bad back.  He said he saw one of the suspects in line with him.  When Merzoian walked out, the suspect followed him.  Merzoian got in a car with his friend and drove off.  The suspect jumped into a waiting SUV with three other people inside.

    Merzoian said he was tailed by that vehicle for 11 miles, from Oviedo down Red Bug Lake Road to the corner of Semoran Boulevard in Casselberry.

    “He gets right into my car and pulls out his weapon and he tells me, ‘Give me everything. Give me everything.’ ‘I said are you for real?’ ‘Give me everything right now,’” said Merzoian.  “He had the gun pointed between my neck and my chest.  I lunge for the weapon and he shoots me in my leg."

    The crook then snatched Merzoian's perscriptions and sped off in the vehicle. 

    Merzoian tried to chase down the suspects as he called 911.

    A Casselberry police cruiser eventually rammed their SUV, and all four men were taken into custody.

     Investigators say the suspects tried to ditch their guns.  Merzoian drove himself to the hospital.

     “I am thankful I was only shot in my leg,” said Merzoian.

     Merzoian is expected to make a full recovery.

    Illegal drugs were found in the suspects' SUV. 

    The names of the suspects have not yet been released.

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    Cops: Armed robbers ambush man, steal prescription drugs