• Woman accused of plotting to kill estranged husband


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Volusia County woman is accused of plotting to kill her estranged husband.

    Investigators say Doreen Dufresne asked a fellow nurse's aide to kill her husband.

     She offered Brandon Parrish $25,000 from her husband’s insurance policy to murder him.

    “She wanted me to kill her husband or find somebody who would,” said Parrish. "My first thought was she was on something.  I just didn’t know.  She wanted her husband hurt.  She was angry at him or whatever."

    Parrish said he went to police after Dufresne gave him a detailed list of how she wanted him killed.

    “I just didn’t want to go the rest of my life knowing I could have prevented someone from being killed,” Parrish said.

    "She was trying to hire me because I had past. She thought I was always going to be that bad guy. Well, I’m not,” said Parrish.

    Investigators said Dufresne may have been angry with her husband because he sold their home and didn't split the money as he promised.

    Court records show Dufresne's estranged husband had just sold their home in Port Orange’s Crane Lakes Subdivision for $72,000.

    Investigators are now questioning whether Dufresne could be a black widow.  A report shows her second husband mysteriously committed suicide in New Hampshire in 2001.  Investigators said they found traces of anti-freeze in his system that he drank over time.  That case is now being revisited.

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    Woman accused of plotting to kill estranged husband