• iPad records as OPD officer allegedly pepper-sprays suspect after cuffs were on


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 learned a woman suing the Orlando Police Department claiming a deputy chief attacked her during a traffic stop has audio recordings of the incident.

    Orlando police stopped Rebekah Davis and her boyfriend in August 2012 on State Road 408 near the Conway Road exit after police said the boyfriend was going 100 mph and weaving in and out of traffic.

    Deputy Chief Robert Pigman conducted the stop with another officer and was apparently angry over the driving he witnessed from the sound heard on the audio recording, according to Channel 9's Kathi Belich.

    In the recording, Davis can be heard telling Pigman that she felt threatened by him.

    "I feel threatened by your behavior. The way that you're acting is really scaring me," she can be heard saying.

    When the officer asked Davis' boyfriend to get out of the car, the couple repeatedly asked why and whether he was under arrest.

    "You're going to be under arrest right now if you don't step out of the car," Pigman said.

    Less than 10 seconds later, the officer yells, "Get out of the car, now."

    "You're going to pepper-spray him?" asked Davis.

    "Get out! Because you're refusing to get out of the car," the officer responded.

    Police said as they handcuffed Davis' boyfriend, she got upset. Davis said that's when they dragged her out of the car, pepper-sprayed and handcuffed her.

    Pigman said she kept pushing up against him but said something different when he did not know he was being recorded.

    "Actually, I ripped her out of the car, then I grabbed her by the hair because I couldn't get ahold of anything. All I had was her hair -- forced her to the ground," Pigman said.

    Orlando lawyer Howard Marks said the officer then pepper-sprayed Davis in the face again after they had handcuffed her.

    "My eyes are burning," Davis can be heard saying in the audio recording.

    "Your eyes are burning. You should've gotten back in the car," the officer replied.

    "It is clear that my client was screaming in pain while she continued to get pepper-sprayed by Officer Pigman. That kind of conduct is clearly excessive and in violation of the U.S. Constitution," said Marks.

    Davis's attorney said Pigman then told a paramedic not to take Davis to the hospital because it was just pepper-spray.

    "Let her enjoy it," he can be heard saying on the recording.

    "He starts laughing and you hear other officers start laughing about my client while she cries in pain, which shows a callous indifference to the rights of citizens," said Marks.

    When asked about the incident, the Orlando Police Department said it doesn’t comment on ongoing litigation.

    "All of the facts and circumstances will be addressed though the appropriate legal process," a spokesman said.

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    iPad records as OPD officer allegedly pepper-sprays suspect after cuffs were on