‘It's disgusting': UCF student claims stranger sent her explicit photo through AirDrop app

Video: A UCF student was flashed digitally

ORLANDO, Fla. — It's becoming a huge problem on planes and subways in New York City and now, a local student says a stranger sent her nude photos while he was sitting just a few feet away in a local cafe.

This happened through AirDrop on iPhones, Macbooks and iPads and there's not much police can do about it.

"It's disgusting," University of Central Florida student Kelsey Hundley said.

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On a lunch break at Royal Tea in the Mills 50 district, Hundley said a stranger spoiled her appetite.

"While I was waiting, I get this AirDrop from someone of his nude photo and just quickly was like disturbed," Hundley said.

She said a man sitting just a few feet away from her flashed his genitals, electronically.

"There's no way of avoiding because you still see the image even if you hit decline," Hundley said. "There's still that few seconds that I see it."

When you take a photo on an iPhone, you can very easily send it to someone through AirDrop.

Anyone who has Bluetooth within 30 feet of you will show up on your phone and when you send the photo it shows up on their phone almost instantly.

"Like any tool, it can be exploited. And it's so horrific," said Rep. Anna Eskamani.
Eskamani heard about Hundley's situation and asked Orlando police for help. But OPD said AirDrop cases are difficult because the sender can remain anonymous through Bluetooth.

"I do think as lawmakers, we're not moving fast enough to pass policy to actually address what is an ever-changing landscape," Eskamani said.

Eskamani wants to explore options that would give law enforcement more teeth to stop this kind of activity. She said other communities, outside of Florida, will stick senders with a $1,000 fine if they're caught doing it.

"I think it's a lesson for everybody to protect themselves in person and online too," Hundley said. It's a scary world in both places."

Orlando police recommend changing your settings to allow AirDrop photos from contacts only instead of anyone.

They also said parents should just turn off the AirDrop feature on their kids' phones.