Jones students stay warm with donations from school's Tiger Den

ORLANDO, Fla. — As temperatures continue to drop across central Florida, more and more children are in need of warm coats.
"They call me Ms. Molly, and when they come in they greet me like I'm their mother," Molly Dorsey said.

Dorsey runs the Tiger Den at Jones High School.
The Tiger Den offers free clothing, shoes and toiletries to students who need them.
Dorsey said that during cold weather, gently-used jackets and coats fly off the hangers fast.
"In my freshman year I lost my jacket. It was really cold outside," student Deon Carter said.
Carter said he has used the school program to stay warm and said it helps that school leaders keep the donations confidential, so students aren't embarrassed.
"If you get a jacket they will let you keep it and not tell anybody where you got it from," said Deon Carter.
Carter's grandmother said that one jacket the school donated years ago continues to help her family today.
"He's still using it now," Jacqueline Carter said.
Jones High School is just one of several public schools helping kids bundle up during the cold weather. 
District officials said 65 percent of the students in Orange County are on free or reduced lunches. For those students, if a meal is hard to come by then a proper coat or jacket could well be on their list of needs.
"It makes me proud to know that I'm giving back," said Dorsey.
Dorsey said running the Tiger Den is especially meaningful to her because she was once a student at Jones.  
The Tiger Den is available to students year-round and the clothing is donated.

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