• Prosecution pushes hard for death penalty for Brevard deputy's killer


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Brevard County jury will soon have to decide whether the man they convicted in a Brevard County deputy's murder should get life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

    Prosecutors said there are a number of reasons Brandon Bradley should be sentenced to death for killing Deputy Barbara Pill during a traffic stop in March 2012.

    On Thursday, jurors heard about a history of felonious behavior and a defendant who made a premeditated decision to kill.

    But Bradley's defense team is pushing for life, with attorney Randy Moore, saying, "Bradley will spend the rest of his days in a Florida state prison, and it is a sewer of humanity."

    Moore told the jury life in a Florida state prison is punishment enough for Bradley's conviction in Pill's murder, but prosecutors gave jurors a half dozen reasons why it isn't.

    Assistant State Attorney Tom Brown said Bradley's only thought as Pill approached his SUV was that he wasn't going back to prison.

    "Cold, calculated, premeditated, the type of murder that this was," said Brown.


    The state has asked for a recommendation of death from the jury who heard about Bradley's violation of probation, criminal history and specifically, a robbery where one witness was held up at a Taco Bell and forced into a car.

    "Whenever I wouldn't give them the money, I got hit in the forehead with a gun with the butt, with the  front end of it," said witness Gary Shrewsbury.

    Shrewsbury said Bradley was holding the gun and threatened to kill him.

    "I've had guns pulled on me in the past, and I could tell you know that nothing was going to happen, but this time it was serious and I believe, and as we know now, he probably would have killed me," said Shrewsbury.

    Jurors were told to disregard that last witness statement.

    Jeremy Pill, Barbara Pill's son, also took the stand Thursday morning.

    "After her death thousands of letters were received by the Sheriff's Office from the community showing the impact she had on everyone in the community," said Jeremy Pill.

    The judge sent the jury home around 3:15 p.m. Thursday, telling them to report back at 9 a.m. Friday to continue hearing testimony.

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    Prosecution pushes hard for death penalty for Brevard deputy's killer

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