• Man sentenced to 60 years in prison for Winter Park kidnapping


    WINTER PARK, Fla. - A jury delivered guilty verdicts on several charges in the trail of a man accused of kidnapping a woman in Winter Park.

    He was then sentenced to 60 years in prison.

    Farley Curry is accused of kidnapping and robbing two women as they arrived at work in 2012.

    The jury deliberated for three hours Thursday after closing arguments.

    The insanity defense played a big role in closing arguments.

    Curry's lawyer, Leslie Sweet, said if her client kidnapped and robbed the woman, he was insane at the time.

    "This is beyond stupid.  This is a mental problem.  This is not good," Sweet said. “He’s clueless that doing this will just destroy somebody; where they will be terrorized for the rest of their life. He doesn’t understand that.”

    Prosecutors said in October 2012, Curry abducted and robbed two women as they arrived for work on Lee Road.  He was on trial Thursday for one the incidents.  The other trial will come later. 

    During closing arguments, prosecutors recounted the testimony of the victims and DNA the defendant left behind at the scene of the crimes.  

    They tried to discredit the insanity defense, saying a medical professional never evaluated Curry for the trial. 

    The defense witnesses that recounted some of his bizarre behavior were family members.

    "The defendant's mother had no contact with the defendant for two years prior to him committing the crimes.  Yet, she was happy to get on the stand and say he's insane.  No contact whatsoever," said prosecutor Ryan Williams.

    DNA evidence on a piece of broom handle was found in the car of victim Teresa Bradley.

    Bradley testified she thought it was a gun and was 99 percent sure it was Curry who threatened her with it.

    Curry was also found guilty on all of the charges against him which included kidnapping, burglary, robbery and grand theft with a firearm.

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    Man sentenced to 60 years in prison for Winter Park kidnapping