Justice will be served by 'judge of judges,' says Casey Anthony trial Judge Perry

ORLANDO, Fla. — It's been almost two years since Casey Anthony's trial ended.

Monday, Judge Belvin Perry talked about why a jury may have found her not guilty.

Perry had a front row seat for just more than a month and on NBC's "Today" show talked about the worldwide attention, the Anthony the jury didn't see, and his reaction to the verdict.

The judge described Anthony as "very manipulative" without the jury present.

"She was very commanding," said Perry.

He said at times she acted as "someone who was wrongfully accused."

Perry said during a break he overheard Anthony as her lawyers discussed a plea to aggravated manslaughter.

"All of a sudden, you heard shouting coming from the holding cell," Perry said.

He said he heard some four-letter words coming from the holding cell and said she sounded quite upset.

Perry said Anthony portrayed two sides -- one, the role of a lovable, yet lost child in front of the jury. When the jury was not around, Perry said, Anthony took charge of things.

"You could see, sometimes, her scolding her attorneys," Perry said.

As for his reaction to the verdict, Perry said he went over it twice before reading it aloud.

"Surprised. Shock. Disbelief," Perry said.

Perry said the prosecutors did a great job, but he said the case was full of circumstantial evidence and Anthony's defense attorney Jose Baez was very convincing.

"It's like somebody trying to sell a used car. Who you going to buy from? The most likable salesperson," Perry said.

Perry said he believes Anthony will get justice when she meets her maker.

"Justice will finally be served one day by the judge of judges," Perry said.

Perry said Anthony is serving a different kind of sentence.

He said she will have to deal with her new reality for the rest of her life.