• Kissimmee family says nearby construction causing cracks in home


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A Kissimmee family said their home shakes all day long.

    A shopping complex is being built behind their house on Competition Drive, and they believe the heavy machinery is causing it to crack.

    Jacqueline Menard said the cracks in her wall were not there several months ago, and if they were, she said they have only become worse because of the vibrations from the construction taking place 15 feet from her home.

    "Don't build (the) shopping center and destroy my home," said Menard. "That's the reason I called Channel 9."

    Eyewitness News reporter Racquel Asa could feel the vibrations herself, so Eyewitness News brought in a home inspector to investigate.

    "You'll see cracking over time, but this cracking here looks to be fairly fresh," said Mike Hayman of Liberty Property Inspections. "There's definitely forces acting on the home causing these issues to come out and they are coming out at a far more rapid rate than they would over time."

    When Eyewitness News approached the owner of the construction company, he first told us Menard rented the home and he had already spoken to the property owner about the problems.

    "I spoke to the owners. I told them what's going on. I have video of all the cracks that are on her house and all the cracks on her house are pre-existing, every one of them," said Jet Romack of Aspen Construction Company.

    However, Menard's son, who owns the home, told Eyewitness News he has never had a conversation with the company until we walked over with him to meet the company owner.

    The company owner told us anyone who walks on his site from now on will be arrested.

    "That can be caused by vibrations on the home," said Hayman as he surveyed the home.

    Our home inspector found all the cracks to just be cosmetic, so now Menard and her son are hoping their insurance will cover the claim.

    The construction company told Eyewitness News the shaking of the house from the machines should be done by next week because he said they will start paving the ground on Tuesday.

    The construction company owner said this is the only complaint he has received, and he has done everything to try and accommodate Menard and her family.

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    Kissimmee family says nearby construction causing cracks in home