• Law officials hold news conference on Osceola shootings


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Whoever has been shooting up neighborhoods across Osceola County is still on the loose Tuesday afternoon.

    One of those bullets took the life of a 17-year-old boy, and investigators said Tuesday they may know who did it.

    After exhaustive reporting and calls from WFTV reporters working around the clock to get answers, Channel 9's Tim Barber was able to convince investigating agencies to go on camera and answer questions.
    Investigators said they may be closer to finding whoever's been terrorizing Osceola County.

    Another home was riddled with bullets on West Mabbette Street in Kissimmee. It's the 11th attack in the county in the past week, and the second recent attack on that street.

    Kissimmee detectives said they have several persons of interest in the shooting spree that has rocked the community.

    Kissimmee police went on the record and told Eyewitness News the same kind of gun may have been used in three of the shootings, which have people in Osceola County fearing for their lives.
    The head of each investigating agency met Tuesday to talk to the media, in the first joint press conference featuring Kissimmee Police Chief Lee Massie, St. Cloud Police Chief Pete Gauntlett and Osceola Sheriff Bob Hansell.

    WFTV was able to ask where they are in the investigation and what they're doing to bring the shooter or shooters to justice.

    "We are out there, you know, 24-7 around the clock," Hansell said.

    "What are all your agencies doing to find these people?" asked Barber.

    "Well, we are not going to share our tactics and our strategies and our number of resources we are deploying at times, but I can tell you that as the sheriff said, it's a 24-7 operation," Massie said.

    The operation got results.

    Police arrested a convicted drug dealer over the weekend for an aggravated assault at the Sun Club Apartments.

    He's also being charged in a drive-by shooting at the apartment complex, and detectives believe they have evidence linking him to David Guerrero's slaying. Guerrero was gunned down on his way to work last Wednesday.

    The agencies don't believe that suspect is tied to the other random shootings.

    "We are going to remain ever-vigilant and we ask the people to do the same," Gauntlett said.
    The violence has gotten so bad, one man even parked his massive truck in front of his kid's window.

    Things have been quiet for several days, but around 4 a.m. Monday, the people who live in the Kissimmee home woke up to gunshots.

    Kendra Coleman was sound asleep when she heard the shots that almost shattered her living room window.

    "This is one bullet hole and there is another one right there and one went through the dog cage," Coleman said.

    Coleman called 911 and took cover with her 1- and 2-year-old kids.

    This is the second time her home has been targeted this year. Last time, the car was hit too.

    "I feel like someone is really trying to kill us. I have to protect my kids," Coleman said.

    No one was hurt this time, but Wednesday, 17-year old David Guerrero was shot and killed on his way to work.

    Guerrero's murder and Monday morning's shooting have not been tied to the other shootings.

    Other homes and cars were hit in St. Cloud and unincorporated Osceola County, but detectives have only connected a few of them to the same kind of gun.

    Coleman has no idea if it's the same person. She's moving, so she doesn't have to stick around to find out.

    "I just pray that they stop," Coleman said.

    Law enforcement officials have not made any arrests. Agencies across the county said they are working around the clock to find the person or people responsible for all the shootings.

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    Law officials hold news conference on Osceola shootings