• Lake Co. city police chief stages protest, says commissioner harassed sexual battery victim


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - A Lake County police chief said a city commissioner has been meddling in a sexual battery investigation and harassing the victim.

    Police Chief Terry Isaacs staged a protest Friday at the Fruitland Park Police Department from the side of the road with a hand-made sign.

    "This may end my career here. But by God, this is the victim of a forcible sexual battery, he said.  

    Isaacs said a female employee who accused the city manager is now being harassed by Fruitland Park City Commissioner Jim Richardson.

    "Everything he said is untrue, I haven't contacted anyone," Richardson said.

    Richardson said the chief crossed a line.

    "With his lights flashing on his taxpayer-owned car in his taxpayer-owned uniform, probably using taxpayer supplies to make his sign," Richardson said.

    Some residents said the chief is doing his duty.

    "Someone needs to stand up for that woman's rights. Jim Richardson is not standing up for her rights," said Paula King, Fruitland Park resident.

    "I haven't done nothing wrong, the city hasn't done nothing wrong and the victim sure as hell hasn't done nothing wrong," said Isaacs.

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