Lake County officials approve plan to allow nursery to build housing complex for migrant workers

County commissioners approved controversial plans foe a housing complex for migrant workers.

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Commissioners in Lake County approved a plan on Tuesday that would allow a nursery to build a housing complex fro migrant workers.

The plan drew criticism from locals who believe it will disrupt the tranquility of the area. Those residents feel as though traffic and crime will rise, causing their property values to drop.

The dialogue got a bit heated during the seven-hour meeting where commissioners, residents and the owners of Liner Source Nursery all weighed in on the issue.

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Liner Source wants to add a barn-like building to its nursery located off County Road 44A in Eustis.

The nursery hopes the barn will be able to house around 200 workers.

Company officials explained they will follow all federal and state guidelines related to its workers and they will require them to have work visas and background checks.

The commission voted unanimously to pass the project.

Company officials agreed to stipulations added by the commission, such as alerting the community if any of the workers got into legal trouble.