Lake County residents upset over proposal to build housing for 200 migrant workers

Lake County commissioners heard concerns from residents for more than an hour Wednesday morning

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Lake County residents are not happy after a local business owner proposed building housing for 200 migrant workers on nearby property.

County officials heard concerns from locals speaking out against the plan for over an hour Wednesday morning.

Liner Source runs a nursery located off of County Road 44A in Eustis, where the company wants permission to build a barn-like building to house the workers.

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Company officials explained that they would follow all federal and state guidelines related to its workers and require them to provide visas and submit background checks.

The company said the workers would work eight months out of the year.

Company officials explained workers would have to follow strict rules with curfews and have an adult on the site of the facility for supervision.

Those against the plan voiced their concerns.

"This even sounds like modern day slavery," said one resident. "You're bringing 50 families, or almost 200 people, here and holding them captive for the benefit of the owner of this project to reduce his labor costs."

The board ultimately voted against the project 3-1. The issue will now be sent to county commissioners to decide its fate.