• Lake County School Board rejects uniforms


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Monday night, Lake County officials voted to not have uniforms for the upcoming school year.

    The controversial proposal would’ve severely limited what is considered appropriate for students to wear to school.

    More than 50 parents spoke out during Monday evening’s meeting. Most of the parents hated the idea.

    One woman spoke about her child’s AP history class going a month and a half without textbooks. She explained how the focus should not be on uniforms, but rather on their children’s education.

    Under the proposed policy, students would’ve been limited to appropriate solid, colored shirts, dresses, skirts and pants.  

    Some parents even brought examples of their children’s clothing to show that they already dress appropriately for school.

    Before the meeting, more than 300 parents and students sent emails about how much they disliked the idea.           

    Kimberly McMann wrote one of the emails. Her daughter, an "A" student, starts high school in the fall. McMann said solid colors won't make school safer or smarter.

    "I don't think a solid blue shirt versus a shirt that says Walmart, Hollister, anything like that is going to make any difference on their education. It just gives them a little freedom that they do have in public school to wear what they want to wear, as long as it is appropriate," said McMann.

    However,  a handful of parents were in favor of the changes.

    They argued that a unified dress code would give students the opportunity to dress accordingly.      

    School Board member Jim Miller said he proposed the dress code as a means of making schools safer and getting students focused on academics.

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