• Lake County works to keep early voting lines moving


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - A lot of Central Florida voters trying to vote early have encountered crowds and long lines.

    Early voters got down to business at the Lake County Administration Building in Tavares. Things moved quickly Thursday morning -- but some locations and times are busier than others.

    Edward Duff voted over the weekend. He said he waited in line just over an hour to cast his vote.

    In Lake County, Republicans and Democrats have worked hard to encourage early voting.

    The GOP said it's called 9,600 registered Republican voters and knocked on 7,000 doors.

    Local Democrats said they have done likewise.

    "We have a database that shows everyone who has not voted yet.  And when I say everyone, I'm talking about, of course, Democrats," said Lake County Democratic Party Chair Nancy Hurlbert.

    The supervisor of elections said more than 34,000 people have voted early. The office has extra staff on hand to answer calls from residents who want to know which locations have the shortest lines.

    "We're in touch with all the early voting locations throughout the day.  We can tell them, based on what would be most convenient for them, where they can go and maybe not have to wait," said Jerry Foster, Lake County assistant supervisor of elections.

    Duff said that the one hour it took to vote was fine with him.

    "I don't mind the time. You wait in line for lots of stuff.  Go to Disney World if you want to wait in line," said Duff.

    The supervisor of elections expects Friday and Saturday will be the busiest early voting days.

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