Lake County deputies educate teens on careers in law enforcement

TAVARES, Fla. — With law enforcement officers facing more and more scrutiny these days, law enforcement agencies are looking to help guide the next generation of those looking into the criminal justice field.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a camp for teenagers aimed at educating them about the different law enforcement careers available, and what those jobs are like.

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The teens involved already have an interest in law enforcement, and some are aware of the anti-police sentiment that has arisen over the last year or so.

These are young people who still believe law enforcement has an important role to play in our society, and want to do something that makes a difference and keeps the community safe.

It is a weeklong camp for young people, ages 14 to 17, who are interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice field.

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Abigail Thomas said she loves crime TV shows and likes to solve mysteries, and is intrigued by the career.

Throughout the week, they have learned about different roles, and may one day become deputies and police officers who gather evidence, talk to witnesses and testify in court.

Sgt. Jim Vachon believes with some of the protests and anti-police sentiment in the wake of George Floyd’s death make some people think twice about choosing law enforcement as a career.

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Vachon is happy to see there are some young people who can put that aside, and think it’s worth it to serve the community in a role like this.

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Jeff Deal

Jeff Deal,

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