Leesburg teen facing charges for forcing boy to strip, posting video on Snapchat, police say

Video: Leesburg teen facing charges for forcing boy to strip, posting video on Snapchat

LEESBURG, Fla. — A 13-year-old suspect is facing felony charges for allegedly forcing a boy to strip naked at gunpoint then posting video of it on Snapchat, according to Leesburg police.

Darien Bentley is facing including aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a minor, child pornography and kidnapping. Bentley allegedly forced the underage victim to strip naked last Saturday while holding him at gunpoint and recording it on a cellphone, according to police.

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The victim told police the incident happened in front of Bentley’s home, and he complied with the threats because he feared for his life.

An officer who reviewed the video heard someone say “Hey snitch” and noted the victim appeared to be terrified.

The police report doesn’t list the victim’s age, but based on on the charges, he’s over the age of 13. The report says there was also a co-defendant who also pointed a gun at the victim and recorded it at the same time, but that person is not named in the documents so it’s unclear if they were or arrested or will face charges.

It wasn’t immediately clear where the guns came from.

A woman who identified herself as the suspect’s aunt told Channel 9 Bentley attended Oak Park schools, but is no longer a student there.

Administrators at the school found out about the video after students saw it on social media. That’s when the school resource officer got involved.