• Lake Mary officer pulled people over while off duty, caught on video laughing about it

    By: Lauren Seabrook , Katlyn Brieskorn


    LAKE MARY, Fla. - The Lake Mary Police Department said one of its officers was pulling people over for speeding and other things while off duty, and he was caught on video laughing about it.

    Officer Stanley Rubin has now been suspended for a day without pay and has been placed probation for three months.

    Dashcam video shows three different incidents of Rubin pulling people over.

    In July, Rubin said a pickup truck turned into oncoming traffic, sped up to pass cars, then swerved back over into the correct lane. 

    So Rubin turned his lights on, but the problem was he was off duty and out of his jurisdiction in Lake County. Once the truck pulled over, Rubin turned his lights off and kept driving.

    "What I thought is, is that, you know, the action had been corrected at that point. I had no need to stop him and talk to him," Rubin said.

    But moments later, Rubin can be heard laughing on the dashcam video.

    "It made me chuckle just thinking of - of him thinking how much trouble he was about to get into," Rubin said.

    In a recorded internal affairs interview, Rubin said it wasn’t malicious, but investigators found a pattern.
    While off duty, Rubin pulled two other people over in Sorrento.

    A video from March shows him stopping someone for not having brake lights.

    "He said thank you for letting him know that his brake lights were out. He went to work, and I went home," Rubin said.

    Rubin said he pulled a woman over in April for having trouble maintaining her speed and rolling through a red light.

    The driver told him she was tired.

    "I did what I did thinking I had the public's best interest in mind," Rubin said.

    Rubin said he understands what could have gone wrong, and he said he is using this discipline as a learning experience.

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