Lake Mary officers cleared in shooting death of man at shopping plaza

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — The State Attorney's Office said three Lake Mary Police Officers were justified in the shooting and killing of a man outside a busy Lake Mary shopping plaza in May.

David Romansky was killed outside Jeremiah's Italian Ice shop in May.

The findings are based on an FDLE investigation that found the officers' statements were backed up by witnesses as well as the body camera video and cell phone video shot by a firefighter.

The report states that police approached Romansky who was involved in a road rage incident down the street from the plaza moments before. He had a flat tire. He was in his car and on the phone.

Officers said they asked him to get out of the vehicle, but he refused.

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Officers used a punch to break the driver’s side window and pull him out of the car.

They tasered him, but the taser did not have any effect.  While the officer was trying to pull him out, he noticed a gun under Romansky’s leg on the seat.

The officer drew his weapon and backed away, yelling "Gun!"

Romansky pulled his gun and pointed it at the officers and that is when they opened fire, killing him.

The Sheriff's Office said Romansky had been arrested 10 times since 2011 for various felony and misdemeanor charges. He once told officers he has bipolar disorder, officials said.

Records said Romansky was arrested in May at Rachel's, an adult club in Casselberry, after he approached patrons in the parking lot with a knife.

An arrest report said he refused to come out of a bush in which he was hiding. It took four officers to put him into a police car, the report said.