• New SunRail commercial draws mixed reviews


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - SunRail is now running commercials to promote the start of its commuter rail service on May 1.
    Channel 9's Racquel Asa took a look at the marketing campaign and how much the state spent on the ad.
    First it was a squirrel named Tie that SunRail marketers created to raise awareness about the train.
    Now, a new 30-second spot has just started airing.
    Now the state has spent $25,000 on a commercial spot meant to highlight the train's workspace, seating and on-board Wi-Fi. That cost doesn't include how much the state spent buying airtime.
    Asa showed the commercial to a number of people and found mixed reactions to the ad, which features a woman riding the train, with headsets on, singing the phrase "like cheesesticks."
    "The one singing? That would be a turn-off. If you have someone singing' cheesesticks' in your ear. But I would hope they would have a silent train," said tourist Nicole Coton.
    Brittney Alton works on Church Street and commutes from Winter Park.
    She said she doesn't think the ad will persuade many people to give up their cars for public transportation.
    "I think it was creative but I'm sure they could use a different approach," said Alton.
    Facebook and YouTube users were quick to weigh in too, with some saying it was terrible, low budget and that the ad agency should be fired.
    Paid actors were used in the ad, including the woman singing on the train.
    "She was memorable. She is irritating," said public relations expert Sara Brady.
    Brady said it's the whole point. She said it is an experience everyone  can relate to.
    "I think when you use someone, whether they are in a positive or a negative role, it's  memorable. Even if you're annoyed, you're still going to talk about that commercial," said Brady.
    The state said it plans to release two more commercials soon.

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    New SunRail commercial draws mixed reviews