Leesburg city commissioner facing backlash for commenting on Facebook post about LGBTQ community

VIDEO: Leesburg city commissioner under fire for comments about LGBTQ community

LEESBURG, Fla. — A Leesburg city commissioner is facing criticism after commenting on a Facebook article about not celebrating gay pride.

Several members of the LGBTQ community were not pleased after reading the artice "Why I do not celebrate gay pride," that was commented on by Commissioner Jay Hurley.

"The jest of the article was while I can support an individual or I can defend an individual, I don't have to celebrate their sexuality," said Hurley.

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Hurley also said that him not celebrating gay pride doesn't mean hate or ill will.

Bruce Custic, of the Triangle Connection, believes Hurley should be more supportive of the community.

"There are many LGBTQ people in his community," said Custic.

Custic said his group hosts different types of educational events in order to help with understanding the LGBTQ community.

The next event, called Trans 101, will be held June 30 at the Mt. Dora Library.

Custic said he would love if Hurley would join them.