• Leesburg police: Sex offender caught stalking young girl


    LEESBURG, Fla. - A registered sex offender recently released from prison could be in trouble again. Leesburg police said they found him stalking an 11-year-old girl.

    Police said a woman who witnessed David Ubiles trying to lure the girl intervened and then called police.

    WFTV's Renee Stoll learned that most parents would never even know Ubiles was a sex offender because he uses a different name now.

    "I didn't have a good feeling about it when I'd seen him," said Porschia Williams.

    Williams said she immediately noticed David Ubiles as he was driving along Main Street in Leesburg. She said he was following the young girl.

    "I noticed him following her and I'd seen she was going back and forth so I called her with me," said Williams.

    Police reports say that Ubiles, 46, was following the young girl, trying to lure her into his car.

    One man said he witnessed the entire incident as it unfolded in front of a gas station.

    "The police surrounded him at the gas pump right there, and the lady and the kids came up right there and identified him," the man said.

    Police said when they ran Ubiles' information they found out he's a convicted sex offender and was released from prison in August.

    When WFTV searched, they found Ubiles is registered as a sex offender under the name David Marcano. On his police report Marcano is his middle name, and Ubiles is his last name.

    A Florida Department of Law Enforcement representative said they aren't aware of this new last name.

    When Ubiles was arrested at the gas station, witnesses said he seemed surprised.

    "He was really upset, he was crying," said witness Payal Patel. "He started crying like a little baby."

    Williams said she's just happy she followed her instincts.

    "I just thank God that I was in place to be able to help her," said Williams.

    Ubiles' full name, including any aliases, will be added to the sex offender website as his paperwork is processed in the Lake County court system, officials said.

    His bond is set at $5,000.

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