• Leesburg postal worker, Orlando club promoter busted in Molly drug ring


    LEESBURG, Fla. - Investigators said a U.S. Post Office supervisor was helping move dangerous drugs from China to the streets of central Florida.

    Investigators infiltrated a group of men who they said brought in the Molly drug from overseas and made big bucks selling it.

    Reports said as much as 140 pounds came in through the mail.

    Neighbors of U.S. Post Office Supervisor Steven Bolton said the last thing they thought he would ever do is get wrapped up in a major drug ring.

    “He has two kids. I mean, he always waved to us. It was a shock to us all,” resident Ben Parcells said.

    Agents said it all started with 22-year-old Orlando club promoter Jonathan Triska.

    According to investigators, Triska was ordering pounds of the drug Molly via email from a China-based company.

    The company's website said it specializes in raw pharmaceuticals.

    Drug Enforcement Administration agents said the drugs were shipped from China to central Florida, and some were sent to another dealer in New York.

    Reports said Bolton was accepting Triska’s packages at a Leesburg post office he supervises and got anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 pills per package.

    Neighbors said police searched Bolton’s Clermont home this week.

    “There were like three cop cars out there and a bunch of people surrounding the home,” Parcells said.

    Investigators said some of Triska’s product was delivered to an abandoned hotel in Kissimmee where Stevie Hunt would pick them up and bring them to a music studio on Vine Street.

    Channel 9’s Renee Stoll went to the studio, and the people there claimed they had no idea who Hunt and Triska were, and knew nothing about packages of Molly.

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    Leesburg postal worker, Orlando club promoter busted in Molly drug ring