Life vest issues strand Royal Caribbean cruise ship at Port Canaveral overnight, passengers say

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. — Passengers on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas were making irate posts on social media Monday night after they said the ship was held at Port Canaveral due to safety issues.

“Instead of a Caribbean vacation, I get to spend the night in an industrial shipyard,” passenger John Shingara said. “Thanks, no thanks.”

Royal Caribbean, which did not immediately respond to Channel 9’s requests for comment, wrote back to Shingara, apologizing for the situation.

“We’re sorry about the delay, John,” the company posted on Twitter. “We’re working to get going ASAP, and appreciate your patience.”

Twitter user Jeremy Taylor also posted about the delay on departing from port.

“Come on, man,” he wrote. “First the captain makes an announcement we are leaving early morning, now we are delayed until (2 p.m.).”

After Royal Caribbean responded with an apology, Taylor continued to voice his frustration.

“I understand delays for maintenance, but not preventable safety violations,” he wrote.

Passengers onboard the ship said they couldn’t disembark because customs agents had left for the day.

The ship could be seen sitting at port via webcam.