Local nursing homes, retirement facilities prepare for Hurricane Dorian

ORLANDO, Fla. — Nursing homes and retirement facilities are rushing to prepare for Hurricane Dorian.

The state’s been pushing for safety improvements after 12 people died in South Florida when Hurricane Irma knocked out power to the building.

Facilities are preparing with things like new generators, flashlights and bottled water.

Their goal is to have every outlet, light switch and air conditioner working no matter what happens.

Orlando Lutheran Towers is preparing the facility for its residents to make sure they are safe during the storm.

"It is a feeling of security because I haven't been the least bit concerned about it. Hurricanes come and go. I think this building is safe,” said Dell Shadgett, a resident.

The facility has prepared for the hurricane with a new generator in the basement that’s backed up by an 8,000-gallon fuel tank.

It’s one way Orlando Lutheran Towers has complied with new state guidelines requiring electricity and air conditioning to work for days after a hurricane, even if the power goes out.

"We're going to provide them power, we're going to provide everything that they need, water, everything that they need,” said Michael Bolsar, Orlando Lutheran Towers director of resident services.

Bolsar said the facility will be well staffed and have plenty of food for residents ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

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