• Longwood cop hailed for solving multi-county crime spree


    LONGWOOD, Fla. - A Longwood police officer is being hailed for solving a multi-county crime spree, thanks to a hunch.

    In the most recent case, police said the suspect used a golf club to break the front door of the La Familia Pizzeria restaurant on 17-92 in Longwood.

    WFTV reporter talked to the Cpl. Travis Grimm, who tied the crook to crimes in Seminole and Orange counties.

    The crook took $118, but employee Krystal Santana said the damage costs hundreds more.

    "Definitely a bit of shock," said Santana. "You don't know how long he was circling the parking lot, watching everybody."

    Earlier that night, Santana said she was taking out the trash, when she almost tripped over a golf club. Officers said it was the same one used to smash through their front door.

    Grimm said he heard detectives talking about the getaway car, a white Lexus SUV.

    The other day a resident complained about someone in same car stealing license plates along Warren Avenue, so Grimm said he went back to check it out.

    "It could have been a long shot," said Grimm. "It was, and that's how you get some of this stuff done is long shots."

    The white Lexus was there so Grimm said he interviewed the suspect, who ended up admitting to stealing the plates, the car, and the money from La Familia burglary.

    La Familia Robin Traviesto said Grimm is a part of the family.

    "It was a long shot, but they did it quick for us. They are good customers, too," said Traviesto.

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    Longwood cop hailed for solving multi-county crime spree