• Lynx changes up Kissimmee routes a second time in week


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. -  New Lynx routes in Osceola County aren't even a week old and already Lynx is making changes that could catch passengers off-guard on Tuesday.

    Schedules posted last week are already outdated, because five routes, inluding Link 10, are now running on different start times, Channel 9's Racquel Asa found.

    "I actually have to call to make sure the schedule is right before I get on the bus," said rider Suzanne Dryer.

    Routes: Lynx: Osceola County Routes to be Adjusted

    The first round of changes last week forced Dryer to adjust but the new routes now drop her off closer to her doctor's office so she doesn't have to wait for a transfer.

    The second round of changes were prompted by riders, Asa found.

    On the company's Facebook page, Lynx said it's listening to what riders have to say and they're making every effort to address concerns.

    Thomas Hesler is going to give the new changes a chance because he realizes they're growing pains with Lynx moving all the bus routes into downtown Kissimmee.

    "I'm going to give them a little bit of leeway, a little bit of time," said Hesler.

    The biggest adjustment will include more stops along U.S. 192 in the morning hours for some routes, giving riders more options to transfer instead of waiting at the new bus station in downtown Kissimmee.

    Link 108 is one of those affected by the changes, along with 55, 56, 10 and 26.

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    Lynx changes up Kissimmee routes a second time in week