• Maitland Boulevard flyover not helping ease traffic


    MAITLAND, Fla. - A new flyover at Maitland Boulevard isn't making the drive on Interstate 4 easier for everyone.

    Fewer traffic lights for the westbound drivers has created an even longer drive for those going in the opposite direction.

    Traffic anchor Racquel Asa asked the state why it couldn't anticipate the problems before the change was made.

    State officials said they were aware that the flyover isn't helping everyone who uses Maitland Boulevard.

    Driver Lori Trainer said her commute used to take about 20 minutes, but lately, traffic has come to a standstill.

    “I thought, “Give it a day or two and people would get used to it and things would get a little easier,’” Trainer said.

    But it hasn't.

    More than a week later, problems persist.

    The Florida Department of Transportation said they have been changing signal times since the flyover opened, and so far, they've been able cut down on some of the traffic, but not all.

    A FDOT representative said they couldn’t preplan the signal times because with a major change like the flyover, drivers will change their routes and habits, and those are unpredictable.

    Those of us who work in this area and deal with this traffic, you're going to have someone lose their mind,” Trainer said.

    State officials said they’re still changing signal times to find the right timing for the road.


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