• Major announcements coming from Universal Orlando


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Universal Orlando is expected to make a major announcement on Thursday, and the Internet community is buzzing with speculation about what could be coming to the theme park.

    Universal officials are being very quiet about all of this, even though they seem to have already started the construction for whatever the new attraction will be.

    Universal Orlando's Facebook page showed a clock counting down to the big announcement, but what that announcement will be is simply a matter of speculation for theme park fans.

    We know the announcement will be made Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. and that it likely involves the construction that has already begun in the park where the "Jaws" ride used to be.

    What it will become is the question, and there seem to be three primary options according to Internet chatter from bloggers trying to make their predictions.

    The first option discussed is a new area of the hugely popular Harry Potter attraction, with the new section being inside Universal Studios instead of at Islands of Adventure. The rumor here is that a working Hogwarts train would connect the two areas.

    The second option is that a new "Transformers" ride based on the super high-tech mechanical movie series. The third option is that Universal will build both.

    Of course, Universal Orlando is in a fierce battle with Walt Disney World, where fans are anxiously awaiting the opening of first major expansion of the Magic Kingdom with the revamping of Fantasyland.

    One dedicated Universal Orlando fan discovered a clue by digging into the web coding for the countdown clock on their Facebook page. That coding originally included the words "transformer-countdown" clock, but that coding has since been changed.

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    Major announcements coming from Universal Orlando