• Major retail theft ring busted in Volusia County


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators said they uncovered a million-dollar stash while conducting a search warrant in Volusia County on Thursday that was collected by thieves hitting major retailer stores.

    The operation was reportedly being run out of a Deltona home on Salem Drive and the thieves allegedly ripped off Target, Walmart, Publix and other stores.

    Investigators seized power tools, hygiene goods and even a tractor trailer.

    They also seized high-end fishing line and fishing lures, teeth whitener products, razor blades, remote control cars, dog shampoo, vacuums and gift cards. Investigators also seized two firearms and a large quantity of ammunition as well as two vehicles.

    They used trucks to haul the stolen goods from the home.

    They took anything they believe was stolen or purchased with money from the sales of the stolen goods.

    Detectives said one of the suspects, Mark Kolarik, 41, sold about a million dollars in stolen merchandise on eBay in the past year.

    Reports said Kolarik had plenty of help building up his inventory.

    A joint investigation by the Seminole and Volusia County Sheriff’s Offices revealed that Kolarik had his two sisters, Jessica Reddy, 24, and Jordan Reddy, 25, and a father and son duo, Scott Niles, 36, Christopher Niles, 42, steal the goods, and would pay them in money and drugs.   

    Both law enforcement agencies spent more than a month working undercover to track the group.

    Reports said despite reporting no source of income to the state in the last 11 years, Kolarik logged $1.2 million in Internet sales in the past year.

    Kolarik was charged with racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering and dealing in stolen property.

    He is in jail in lieu of a $45,000 bond.

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