• Man accidentally fires gun twice, hitting girl in passing car, self


    ORLANDO, Fla. - One moment, a 12-year-old Orange County girl was riding in a car, the next moment she was shot.
    There are still a lot of unanswered questions involving what police have called an accidental shooting.
    Police said the girl was struck while a man was reportedly cleaning his gun in the garage of his home near the Orlando International Airport on Friday. Police say he then accidentally shot himself.
    Channel 9's Anthony DiLorenzo spoke to the girl's family who said she was doing OK, but was traumatized by the shooting.
    Her father was reportedly driving the car down a Le Mesa Street when the .38-caliber bullet flew out of a garage.
    Orlando police said Ventura Mateo, 50, said he was showing a friend how to clean his SIG Sauer handgun. Mateo told investigators he pulled back on the slide and put his hand on the trigger, accidentally firing the weapon.
    "She's a sweet kid, that's a damn shame," said neighbor Sandy Driver.
    Police said the girl was in the front seat of the car and as they drove by the neighbor's house, the bullet pierced the passenger door and lodged in her tricep. She didn't realize she was shot until arriving home, moments later.
    Mateo told police that around the same time he became flustered and fired a second round, hitting himself in the thigh.
    It's a bizarre set of circumstances that has neighbors on the street, scratching their heads.
    "It doesn't make sense to me, it doesn't add up," said neighbor Al Becker.
    "I would like someone to come around and tell us what's going on," said Driver.
    Police initially ruled the shooting accidental, but now say they're taking a closer look to determine whether to press criminal charges.
    "I want to know the truth. I want to know what they're going to do and if this guy will be held responsible," said Driver.
    Police said the incident is still under investigation and that Mateo had surgery following the shooing and is still in the hospital.

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