Man accused of barging into church radio station, destroying equipment

Video: Man goes on rampage in church radio station
A man is accused of barging into a church radio station and destroying equipment while the crew was on the air.
The pastor said the suspect left and then came back a couple hours later.
The man burst through the door Thursday and assaulted several people before causing $100,000 in damage to the church’s radio equipment.
Broadcasters at L’Voix Evangelique D’Orlando were in the middle of a broadcast when they said Sergo Hippolite stormed in angry before destroying the radio studio.
Things got heated in court when Hippolite faced a judge Friday and began to scream in Creole.
The judge had him removed and suggested he be put on a mental health hold.
The radio station that translates to “The Gospel Voice of Orlando” is on the campus of a Pine Hills church.
Parishoners held Hippolite down until police arrived.
“He just came inside and started breaking stuff without asking or talking to nobody,” said Gary Pierre, the station’s manager. “Messed up the studio. Now he’s in jail.”
A motive is unclear.

ORLANDO, Fla. —  Video: Man barges into Orlando church, destroys radio station