Judge denies bond for man accused of killing family after dispute over $200K, Bulgarian call girl

Video: Judge denies bond for man accused of killing family after dispute over $200K, Bulgarian call girl

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — We heard from the man accused of killing his family in their Chuluato home in January for the first time Wednesday.

A video recorded by investigators of Grant Amato talking to his surviving brother was presented during a hearing to determine if Amato could get bond.

Despite no physical evidence presented Wednesday, the judge denied Amato bond for the murders of his parents and brother Cody.

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A new video shows a glimpse into the Amato family and the issues they were dealing with in the days leading up to the murders.

The day after Chad, Margaret and Cody Amato were shot and killed inside their Chuluota home, the Amato's son Grant, was still just a person of interest in the murders.

In the 16-minute video at the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Grant and his brother Jason sat down and talked about the murders.

Jason: Okay, so I take it you know what happened?

Grant: Yeah

Jason: I'm just going to ask you plain out, you are not part of it in any way?

Grant: No.

Jason Amato had reason to believe his brother was involved because a month earlier, Grant Amato was confronted by his parents and brother Cody over the theft of more than $200,000 to pay for an online Bulgarian call girl named Silvia.

Grant: Dad had kicked me out on Thursday because I was still talking to the woman that had caused everything, and I was using mom's cellphone to do that with her knowledge but not Cody or dad.

Jason: So he forced you, he basically told you, you had to leave?

Grant: Yeah.

Prosecutors said Grant Amato had motive and was the last to see the three alive and nothing was stolen from the house. Grant Amato never wavered on his innocence.

Jason: It's hard for me to think that you would break to this point, but who else can I blame? How are we going to find out who did this?

Grant: I don't know. I don't have any answers.

Grant Amato's public defender said they are still waiting to see if there is any physical evidence that puts him at the scene of the crime. So far, they haven’t seen it from the state attorney's office.