• Man accused of raping special needs teen arrested


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - An accused rapist who may be targeting special needs teens is behind bars.

    Eyewitness News found out how he avoided felony charges once before.

    Henry Alban is being held on no bond at the Osceola County jail after his arrest Monday for allegedly raping a girl he was supposed to take to school.

    Alban, 23, was accused of another rape four years ago, but served very little time.

    There were issues with the victim and her story, which Eyewitness News Legal Analyst Bill Sheaffer believes raised questions in the jurors' minds, causing the case to be dropped.

    Alban did not want to comment.

    In the most recent case, the victim told deputies he raped her and threatened to lie if she told her mom.

    The sheriff's report says the 16-year-old has diminished mental capacity and Alban described her as acting more like 13.

    Alban's family didn't want to comment.

    Eyewitness News dug through records at the Osceola County Clerk of Court office, and found four years ago a 13-year-old girl with mental health issues accused Alban of sneaking in her bedroom window and raping her.

    There was physical evidence, and Alban admitted to police he had sex with her but "blacked out."

    He later said police had scared him into the admission and accused the 13-year-old of stalking him.

    She changed her story and three of his charges were dropped.

    A jury found him guilty of a misdemeanor and he went to jail for only two months.

    "Once the victim changed her story, it gives the defense the chance to argue reasonable doubt because she didn't tell the truth on one occasion. How can you believe her now?" Sheaffer said.

    Three years ago an Osceola County mother accused Alban of inappropriate sexual behavior with her daughter and asked a judge for a restraining order against Alban.

    The judge denied the request and it's not apparent from records if she reported it to police.

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